The Concept of the Brand

  Getting the best of both worlds, Existens silk dresses combine the sophisticated and classic style from the West and the mysterious yet delicate silk of the East to create a timeless beauty. Each creation, therefore, isstill unique cut piece per piece to correspond to each woman who is unique. Instead of doing a collection of new models each season, the brand constantly innovates creating more combinations, more colors more variations of each design in color, silk, lengths, cuts, arms, and size so that each woman is able to find her particular style corresponding to her particular beauty, the colors she likes, the type of silks and in particular her preference of cuts, (what she wants to enhance or hide). .

  Existensis a brand for every woman since everyone has the right to look beautiful, and they have loyal clients from all over the world, all age groups, all sizes and morphologies. The dresses are affordable from ($190-$370 for a unique pure silk cocktail dress or a unique silk Wedding Gown Creation from $350-600). Existens is for every woman to express her particular inner beauty.

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