Charlotte MagnussonGripon established the fashion brand Existens with a sole purpose to design original beautiful dresses for every woman. Yet entering the world of haute couture and fashion was not part of her career goals. She was a successful and dedicated business consultant for large companies until she turned over a new leaf in 2006.

It was in 2006, at Brazil that Existens brand has emerged for the first time. It all started when Charlotte Magnusson Gripon created her own silk evening dresses for personal enjoyment. Soon, her talent was recognized by other women, who started ordering the evening gown for its individuality and beautiful fabrics. In 2006 the first shop was opened in Brazil, in 2007 in Paris (17th district) and in 2009 a second shop was born in the 6th arrondissement. The brand Existens has been very successful and is growing rapidly every year since the launch of two latest boutiques in Asia.